About Us

 Our Charity

Our Charity Help 2 Feed started in October 2016 and we have dedicated every Tuesday night come rain or shine to feeding the less fortunate at St. John’s Church in Newark, NJ on Route 21 South. We also go to the YMCA to feed the disadvantaged families that live there. Help 2 Feed is dedicated to helping our communities with warm meals, beverages, snacks, fruits, warm clothing and toiletries. Some restaurants and bakeries donate a tremendous amount of meals and bread for this great cause (see Sponsors) and we are very grateful! Our volunteers are humble, hard-working people, who cook and distribute food. We at Help 2 Feed are so very grateful to Father Bismarck for allowing us the opportunity to feed the less fortunate at St. John’s Church. Our responsibility to St. John’s Church is to maintain law and order and keep its facility clean.

Please contact us at info@help2feed.com if you have any questions or comments or would like to support our Charity. Thank you in advance and may God bless you and our great country!

   The next time you’re at your table at home, think of these people. This is their dining room table.
Please help us so we can help them.