Here are some pictures of some of our hard working volunteers. Our volunteers are committed to help the less fortunate every Tuesday night and we appreciate it very much and so do the people. Thank you all very much. We appreciate your efforts!


All of our original volunteers from the beginning.

Our great backup team.

Mary Beth dropping off food to feed.

Leigh dropping off food.

Fran preparing to cook food to go out.

Jason working hard to distribute the food out.

Christina handing out food.

Travis security detail.

Sal D’Angelo of Nino’s Pizzeria and family, who donate a tremendous amount of food to help feed the hungry.

Mary serving food.

Jennifer and her niece Jayden working hard.

Nikki Helping to prepare food to go out.

One of our younger Volunteers Brandon.

Michael Fernández of the Spanish Pavillion Restaurant  with Gary. Thank you for donate so much food to help the hungry.

Mrs. Libby McGinnis, one of our great cooks since the beginning!

Jason and his wife Stacey.

Aly setting up the food.

  Julio working hard.

Our volunteers helping to distribute toys at the YMCA on Christmas Eve!